My day has been complete. I have found the best “treats” ever. Mom calls them treats, I just call it YUMMY! You know what I found? It’s this squishy yellow sweet wonderful thing that I beg for. My mom laughs at me and says this funny word banana every time I start jumping and twirling around. All I know is that this is some good stuff. This has by far been the best day EVER! I got to walk with mom (Even though she only has 2 legs, she is my world). I even got to chase the chickens today and that’s always so fun. My little sister helped me chase the chickens and we ran them into the pen. Mom fussed at us but it was worth it. Man my life is awesome. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. I may even get some more of my new favorite treat. I think I’m going to go dream about some of that thing called banana now.


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