Wow! It’s been a busy day. Mom told me that we had to take Nana to get her car. Guess what, I got to ride and oh boy I am so happy. Mom keeps on telling me what a good boy I was while I sat in the back seat like she asked. I love riding and going with mom and I really love getting praises. After she dropped Nana off she said I had been so good that she would take me to the store so I could pick out a prize.
Mom took me into the store and let me pick out my prize. Mom walked me around the store so I could see what all was there. I had so much fun. There was this bird there that scared me. It keep looking at me and squawking loudly. Mom had to carry me to another aisle so I wouldn’t shake. Guess what was on that aisle? You got it. The toys! Mom put several different toys down for me to choose from She put some chewy toys and some stuffed animals. I picked out a stuffed duck that makes this awesome squeak that I love to chew on. Stuffed animals are always my favorite and even better if they make noise. Before we checked out mom got me a new collar and leash. I am all kind of styling now. Oh and I have to tell you that mom bought some new friends for me while she was there. There are all kinds of animals at the store and my mom is such an animal lover she just couldn’t leave one. So she got me 2 new friends that she calls rabbits. I like to go to their cage and whine and try to lick them. Mom tells me NO a lot now. That makes me sad. Mom finally told me that as long as I don’t try to eat them that I can play.
After such a busy day I am worn out and Mom said that she has to take a nap for work so we snuggled up and got some rest. I can’t wait to see what fun we can have tomorrow.


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