Harley the Pomeranian

Today has been a very exhausting day. I moved into my new home with this awesome family. My old family had to move off to Guam and couldn’t take me with them. I am happy and sad and scared. Really, really scared. See I am used to being with just my old mom and dad and they haven’t been married long and do not have kids. It has just been me and some other dogs and 2 cats (that are fun to chase around at times).  Life has been laid back and pretty quiet.  My old dad joined the Air Force and now I have been adopted by his aunt who has 3 loud, wild and crazy kiddos. Wow, I didn’t know just how quiet my life really was!  So here it is, I’m sharing my new life with everyone so that you can laugh and cry with me (and even shake sometimes when those crazy boys are being loud and crazy).  Hope you join me daily to see what life is like for this somewhat shy and very mouthy large orange fuzzy with a Mohawk Pomeranian named Harley.


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